5 Signs You're An Independent Person

Are you an independent person? Are you able to do numerous things by yourself? Or do you rely too much on other people?

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Writer: Camilla Oliveira
Script Editor: Parker Vanessa
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
VO: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Vanessa Val
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

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Jane Thielmann
Jane Thielmann:
I love that you guys are making psychology more accessible.
whomst has awaken the ancient one
whomst has awaken the ancient one:
Me: *sees title*
My introverted quarantined self:
1. You try to solve your own problems, but ask for help when you need it.
2. You know people don't owe you assistance.
3. You're attentive to your finances.
4. You don't rely on others' opinions on you.
5. You accept constructive criticism.
Edit: omg 425 likes!!! Thank you
*To the unique person that’s reading this:*

*You’re a very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine*
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas:
“Maturity is when you stop complaining and making excuses, and start making changes.”
― Roy T. Bennett
Skinny Gurl
Skinny Gurl:
When I was younger I didn’t like being seen as needy or dependent and truthfully I still don’t.
Back to the Future fan88
Back to the Future fan88:
Can you do a video on “How Does Having No Friends Affect You?”?
Jasper Storm
Jasper Storm:
1. You try to solve problems by yourself
2. You are aware that people don’t owe you support
3. You are attentive to your finances
4. You don’t care about people’s opinion on how you live your life
5. You do well with getting constructive criticism
The art style :0
1 sub before 2021 ?
1 sub before 2021 ?:
*dear stranger reading this, may your parents live more than 100 years*
Sky W
Sky W:
Me: *sees the title and clicks*

I already know I'm a pretty independent person. I had to be because of how I was raised. My mother kind of neglected me and my brothers, so I had to figure things out. But thankfully I don't live with her anymore. I'm safe and happy.

I should clarify that I'm still in highschool and live my dad. All contact has been cut off with my mother. I haven't talked to, seen, or heard from my mother in 3 years. I don't even know where she is or what she's doing. There's so many things that happened that a child shouldn't have experienced, but I did. I'm not too comfortable talking about all of it, but bottom line; I'm safe. That's all that matters.
Artstyle: Very good
Voice: very good
Content: very good
Hotel: Very...
Daily Dose of Medicine
Daily Dose of Medicine:
6 Ways to Become More Independent, Less Codependent👇

Get to know yourself. “You can't be independent if you don't know who you are,”

Challenge your beliefs and assumptions.

Become assertive.

Start making your own decisions.

Meet your needs.

Learn to soothe yourself.
if u dont stan blackpink or bts couldnt relate
if u dont stan blackpink or bts couldnt relate:
"you try to solve your problems by yourself but do not hesitate to ask for help" 0:51

When you solve your problems by yourself but always hesitate to ask for help: 👁️👄👁️
Pastel Dreams
Pastel Dreams:
Me, a college dropout who's been unemployed and living with their parents for a year: hUh, I wOnDEr wHat 5 sIgnS I dOn'T ShoW?
Nicole on EQ
Nicole on EQ:
All the women, who are independent 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Ashley Downey
Ashley Downey:
I have been an independent person since I was 21. I got my first apartment when I was 24. I am 28 now. I have friends but I still do things by myself when I feel like it.
GCP Aaron
GCP Aaron:
"There are three stages of development: dependence, independence and interdependence. The first great threshold in human development enables the individual to become independent. Everyone is working on this to a certain degree, and a few people have attained independence and have even transcended it. Because entering independence is a great threshold, it takes a great deal of time and has many steps. Rarely will people think they are entering a threshold at all because the experience is not necessarily immediate and the resolution is not immediate. Independence here is not complete, for there is no such thing as complete independence. That is why independence is an intermediate stage. It must lead to something else, for in itself it is not complete. You cannot be completely independent, for you are joined with all life. You live in the mental environment; you live in the physical environment; you live in the world; you live in the Greater Community of Worlds. So, how can you be independent of all of that? Obviously, you cannot and when you think about this objectively, you see that independence is really a very relative thing."
A very brief excerpt from the teaching "Thresholds: Three Stages of Development" by Marshall Vian Summers. Check him out on youtube or at newmessage(dot)org. Thanks!
Isabelle Reyes
Isabelle Reyes:
My sister: Spends more than 300 dollars a week
Me: Has been saving money for around 5 years and hasn't spend a single penny although I don't even know on what am I gonna spend all that money (≧▽≦)( ╹▽╹ )
Of course I’m none of these. But when it comes to the “bad” videos such as “10 reasons why you’re co-dependent”, I’m 13/12.

I can definitely see myself as an independent person. I’m always use to working alone on certain things. I can also take care of myself as well. And your drawing is evolving. Amazing! 😊😊😊🙂
Tae Kook
Tae Kook:
I'm nowhere near independent :(
Mann this is speaking to me
Nice a video that I can truly relate to. Not so much the last point, but everything else explains me in a nutshell.
Sakura Valentine
Sakura Valentine:
I passed my expectations of being lazy, independent and introvert. With flying colors
1. You try to solve problems by yourself, but you don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it.
2. You know that people do not owe you assistance.
3. You're attentive to your finances.
4. You don't rely on the opinions of others regarding yourself and your livelihood.
5. You accept and are receptive to constructive criticism.
natalia j
natalia j:
these always come at the perfect time
Nervous Neko
Nervous Neko:
I noticed that there are random frames where things change colors. Such as a tool changing from pink to gray. Also, I'm not very independent. I can work on that though
I love her voice!!!!!! She can narrate a horror story and I’ll still hear it and fall asleep peacefully!
Thiago Rodrigues
Thiago Rodrigues:
Violet Sushi
Violet Sushi:
I never knew I was independent to be honest. I thought I wasn’t because I can be shy.
Tyler Galindo-Tofukuji
Tyler Galindo-Tofukuji:
I'm an independent dependant..
I rely on my mom for support, and a roof over my head, as I cannot get a job, due to mental and physical disabilities. I do however, cook, clean, and fix up the apartment. If I could work from home, I'd still need help making and getting to appointments, as well as getting groceries, as my anxiety keeps me from leaving the apartment by myself, and making calls.
Kamila Antyananda
Kamila Antyananda:
Me seeing this video: "oh, so i'm an independent person-"
My mom: "Why didn't you clean up your room?! And why are you didn't sweep the house, why is it always me. You aren't independent, you have to bla bla bla"
Me: "Oh, nvm then.."
I used to be independent, now I’m trying to find it again.
Gabriela Chang Ping-Nions
Gabriela Chang Ping-Nions:
Funny thing how I'm in vacation at my aunt's and my uncle's, and they trying to make me more independent and this comes out lol
Dreamy Melody
Dreamy Melody:
I love the idea how that little-plant-on-the-head man open the book titled with the topic of this video, like he is one of us, the audience. And at the end close the book, and go handle with something need to be handle, independently.
George Hernandez
George Hernandez:
I only know the 4 signs
2. Independent
3. Black
Hoa Sam
Hoa Sam:
I love be independent because I see couple's being cute lovey dovey makes me feel even more glad I'm independent and I don't missed it...being in relationship or friends with guy's.
I'am alone I ain't lonely.😁👏😀!!!!!!!!
I ain't quite being single or independent because guy's hate it.
OMG that is one of my fears and that triggered me for a second. then the following clip just calmed me down.
Da dusty Doritos on the floor
Da dusty Doritos on the floor:
So I am texting my friend this moring she was being very ''depressd''. She self diagnosis herself with depression. I do not like what she is doing its getting me feel mad. Please pyshc2go help and if you ever happen to you feel welcome to repley. Thank you have a wonderful day!
Elsa Gomez
Elsa Gomez:
Yeah I am an independent person, i resolve problems myself and i like writing, drawing, or thinking to myself to express my feelings, and it is like i am in in my own universe, i dont need people’s help usually, because i have tactics to solve them myself. Who else is like this?? Is it just me???
Mental Health Hygiene w/ Kumar
Mental Health Hygiene w/ Kumar:
In general, being independent is so liberating, you get to create without someone looking over your shoulders.
~Raheem Jarbo
Ariel Maule.
Ariel Maule.:
I am really independent.
Kpop Pep
Kpop Pep:
I have always been independent since I was like a toddler since my parents always had arguments so I taught my self things like tieing my shoes or being able to do my hair by my self ngl I feel proud of this doing it since the first day
Cherard Thomas
Cherard Thomas:
Yeah I’m none of these 😅 I’m co-dependent on my mom still at my big age. I just want to get my first job (a remote one) so I can be useful financially for our home but also for myself😔
Nefsart Digital
Nefsart Digital:
Yup, I'm pretty independent. Except for the fact that my parents live in the same house. But we're more like room mates now. I pay rent and do all my own stuff myself. I dunno.
*Thing I learned in this video:* I am very much NOT an independent person 😬
Hey there, daddy
Hey there, daddy:
Your voice is so calm and gentle. I won’t mind falling asleep to it every night.
A video that always start with "thank you" to remind us become a grateful person💕
Nara Grace
Nara Grace:
Love the little animated stories that go along with each point!
Mozmo The Ferret
Mozmo The Ferret:
10 years ago I was scared to leave my home and I relied on everyone around me, but as the years went on I gained confidence and learned to stand on my own two feet. I'm happier where I am now as I've become independent, but I still need to work on myself a little more.
This is one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard in my entire life
Jayla Trotter
Jayla Trotter:
Me: sees title
Me: I love psych2go
Persona's Magic
Persona's Magic:
Guys, these animations 😭😭♥️♥️ Could we name that leafy character something cute? Pleaaaaaase?!
Ps- I'm very co dependent 😮 I'll try to be more independent.
Marilyn Russell
Marilyn Russell:
I believe I’m independent since I was a child - let’s find out for sure. My husband sure isn’t. It’s very tiresome. I have learned though that it is okay to ask for help if you are overwhelmed.
i think this is a sign bc im learning how to pay for my own things❤️after getting downplayed by my dad.
Amazing that we need signs for everything to know ourselves
Masked Shadow
Masked Shadow:
To anyone reading this, have an amazing day 💜💜💜
I'm almost independent! But my Family still want me to be taken Care of against my will 🙄😑 !
Nara Grace
Nara Grace:
I’m independent in pretty much everything except cleaning the bathroom 🤢🤢
tamara g
tamara g:
I'm a 14 years old girl and I'm independent!
Rimarekha Buragohain
Rimarekha Buragohain:
When you bring to us the basic behavioural concepts we possess, it helps us to recognize our own credits that we haven't ever considered so far. Thank you psuche2go
Blob Fish
Blob Fish:
I love this voice! <3
Kay Harper
Kay Harper:
Me to a tee! Growing up in certain ways MAKES you be independent, self-reliant & self-sufficient! AND it’s a good feeling too! Also means you don’t owe anyone anything 😃Great video 🤩
I guess I'm quite an independent person as I'm very quiet and very introverted. I prefer to keep things to myself and help myself as there's not really anyone to help me. I don't care about what people's opinions are on me and don't care if I get criticised.
You guys have always made me feel better. My parents have been yelling at me for years, and you have always made me feel so much more comfortable.
i just cut the world off for a while recently...havent spoken to friends in a long time trying to do me right now...might reconnect in the future or might not we'll see...leaning to be independent as i go
Skip Tomylou
Skip Tomylou:
It's odd. The largest most crippling pit fall of my life has become my motivation. This is my 14th time moving and the first time living in my own apartment.
Sandira Amelia
Sandira Amelia:
I always like the art
It looks so cute UwU
Julianne Ferguson
Julianne Ferguson:
Ohmygosh! This is one of those times when the art style goes perfectly with the narrator!
Sharon Abalo
Sharon Abalo:
Although I have physical disabilities, I'm a very independent person😎✌
Jessica Ngan Huynh
Jessica Ngan Huynh:
Awww her voice is so soothing 😌 makes me feel like there’s a friend taking to me
Tae Kook
Tae Kook:
I wish I could be independent
Nick N
Nick N:
self reliance, a lack of a need for validation, and mental point of origin are the main 3 things to not only be independent but build a confident independent life.
The drawing is so cute!! 😳🥺😋
Débora Teixeira
Débora Teixeira:
This made me feel very good! I'm 21 one and one of my biggest goals currently is being financially independent! And I really resonated with all of these signs! Let the future come!!!
Nena Lavonne
Nena Lavonne:
Wouldn’t have it any other way 😀
Tae Kook
Tae Kook:
I can never get over the art, it's my favourite
Derrick Jenkins
Derrick Jenkins:
Love each and every one of these videos. Helps me know that I'm what I'm doing is the right thing. Especially when it comes to taking care of myself. All of the items discussed are me in a nutshell and that makes me proud as a person to know that.
Totally Not Amity
Totally Not Amity:
*flashbacks from Steven universe*.
"We could be, independent togather"
I LOVE amanda's voice. Its so soothing. And the content is informative and stimulating. I realize I have some work to do but am encouraged to maken changes. Thanks Amanda and Psych to go team. Please keep up the good work!
I like dis channel i watch sometimes even when idc about tye topic lol
Aubrie Elliott
Aubrie Elliott:
I am a very independent person, and I intend on staying that way. I am introverted, and want to be an author.
Urfa S.
Urfa S.:
Watching this because I want to be a more Independent person. 🙌🏼
Ping Ona
Ping Ona:
I felt like an independent person until it got to the saving money part 😂
{ Ava - The past can be a great teacher - Aang }
{ Ava - The past can be a great teacher - Aang }:
Hi Psych2Go!! Here is a appreciation that you have really helped me learn, grow, and understand more of myself! I really understand a lot more of me and others!! It is amazing how much psychology can tell you! I even learned today that I am an independent person! Thank you, and have a great day!
Sugarstar 1011
Sugarstar 1011:
I'm a very independent and mature person at the young age of 12 U^U
Sophearak Meas
Sophearak Meas:
I can't entirely say that I am an independent person now, but at some points, you mention in this video make me realize I almost there.
Btw the animation you made and your soft voice made a lot of inspiration. Thank you ❤
I never really thought of my self as an independent person, but I very surprisingly relate to all of these! I have been told I'm very independent, but I didn't really see how till watching this video..
Darren Davies
Darren Davies:
“Mum! Can you hold my hand I’m crossing the road!” -Me, a 12 year old
Psych2Go notification:
Me: Introverted Sagittarius 👏👏👏
Email ID
Email ID:
Introverts : hold my phone
*You are amazing, you are my example to work hard on my channel because seeing all the great thing you do inspires me*
Sayo Shejin
Sayo Shejin:
I'm more independent now as i was a year ago. Had a toxic relationship and needed help to get out of it. My family and friends helped me a lot and i was so thankful, that they listend to my worries and how i feel. I try to ask for help more, because i tend to bottle things up or tried to solve them on my own and it didn't work verry well...
Even saving money is no problem for me, but i get a lot of financial help from my parents - i'm thankful for that too, but i want to earn it and i have a lot to solve psychological bevor i get a job aside from my studies. I also learned not to rely on others opinions. Sometimes it's hard to deal with criticism, but i'm working on that. One step at a time is okay. Have to have more patience with myselfe and don't rush things ^^
Why does it say these comments were from two days ago
Firstly the voice is so calming 💯❤️❤️ and second the vid is so relatable yes!! Again a great one😇
Violet Dragonpearl
Violet Dragonpearl:
I'll admit, watching this has shown me traits that I have developed in life but I still need to work on alot more.
Mary Rose I. Gonzales
Mary Rose I. Gonzales:
im picking number 4. cause my parents hate me being a youtuber when they want me to be an engineer even tho i don't want to....
and number 1. cause sometimes i dont need help

cause ones im independent im gonna go be a YouTuber and inspire people n go 2 da USA with my twin sister

thank u psycho2go for making these videos 4 us we love it
Sai Kumar
Sai Kumar:
your sound is so beautiful, it makes me wanna hug that sound