*4 CODES?!* ALL NEW PROMO CODES in ROBLOX! (October 2020)

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This video took inspiration from, iQeeDS, iQeeDS - Roblox, AlphaBolt, HelloItsVG, Raconidas, AustinChallenges, SeerRblx, Melih Kardes 2, GoldLeaf


Video Owned & Uploaded by Caiz (PG, Family Friendly Content & No Swearing)

*4 CODES?!* ALL NEW PROMO CODES in ROBLOX! (October 2020)

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► GET FREE ROBUX HERE! - https://collectrobux.com/?r=241541
► ROBLOX GROUP! - https://www.roblox.com/groups/7820247/Caiz-Empire#!/about
S p a c e
S p a c e:
The lil kids that actually believe the intro be like: 👁💧👄💧👁
Smh this guy doesn’t deserve this many subs just for scamming kids he gets money for advertising these site where when you play and download games for “points” the website gets money and you get nothing
Ivan aycock Harry Potter fan
Ivan aycock Harry Potter fan:
This how many time he said super simple
papery larry
papery larry:
Usually i dont trust anyone with this kind of intro
80% of the video: free roux
20% coded
really got me with that headless horse men lol
Valentino Freitas
Valentino Freitas:
For everybody wondering : u can’t get free robux from the website it’s basically just a waste of time. Don’t waste ur time on this video. Pls I don’t want people to waste their time.
Ioan Luke
Ioan Luke:
"promo codes are leaking."
*what if it was all a dream...??*
Emaline Kara
Emaline Kara:
I’ll never win these... but it’s worth a try... user: iiGlxtchMuffxn
swaggy teaa
swaggy teaa:
mans trying so hard to get to the 10 minute mark just say the codes lol
Franco Oviedo
Franco Oviedo:
I've done everything you said master: Username: rabioso9821 And if I am Latin American They don't judge me
Pierre Buduguri
Pierre Buduguri:
I did everything my user is XxTheCandyCrusherXx I'm also in your groupツ
Hazel Tiffney Khoo
Hazel Tiffney Khoo:
those promo codes really helped me :D
koyotron gaming
koyotron gaming:
I did everything user name: cotron32
Anderson Checo
Anderson Checo:
i done everything username: AndersonCheco Ima join ur group now <3
Me: *T F 2 F A N B E L I K E*
Ben Drowned
Ben Drowned:
i did everything Username : Docxaster
Avrilem Argueza
Avrilem Argueza:
Wonderful video thx for the code! I really appreciate it and I liked the vid subbed and join ure roblox group and I rlly need rbx bc my sis spended my all my rbx :( username:Avril_Em
꧁Šłÿvēxîå Šqūęåkš꧂
꧁Šłÿvēxîå Šqūęåkš꧂:
You focus on advertisements than the true meaning of this video
Gwen Natalie Pujaya
Gwen Natalie Pujaya:
username: Gweny_H10
love your vids btw
if you all needed a bunch of R💲 then use *𝗥𝗕𝗨𝗫.𝗡𝗘𝗧*
very excited that it exists still 🕆
Isabella Alami
Isabella Alami:
I did everything! My username is Inara_Heartwing
I love your channel !
maki Elaco
maki Elaco:
Can you give me the skeleton buddy is so cool i dont have taht in my contry so pls give me it im your fan
Itz Chipz
Itz Chipz:
Thank you so much for the website bro ive been watching a lot of videos and this is the only legit one bro, thank you so much 😊
Username: Anchez7 (Yup I’m going for a second try)
I have done everythingusername: ajyunderscore11
Just to let you know, CVS is a pharmacy/convenience store :) Also nice vid just subscribed!
Damien Sebastian Brosa
Damien Sebastian Brosa:
pls can u give me robx my username:MrTheGrim
im always watching ur vids everyday :..c
Nisha Boss
Nisha Boss:
Thx this really help
It's been a long time
Cookie & Tokyo
Cookie & Tokyo:
Username: t0xiicmidniqht Love ur vids! <3
Arham Playz
Arham Playz:
I love ur videos caiz <3. Username of ROBLOX: ArhamPlayyz
Sena Vought
Sena Vought:
I did everything:D my user name is reacticorn205
Just comment it
Ajay_is not ok
Ajay_is not ok:
what’s the background music please can anyone tell me
the fact i pressed on the link for "free robux" and got my account stolen is top notch bruv
Naruto Usimaki
Naruto Usimaki:
I did everything hang username: Deadsasake
Kenan Main Channel Wit No Vids
Kenan Main Channel Wit No Vids:
i did everything and i have been subscribed to you for a really long time my user is kenancoolness
Benny ST,MKom
Benny ST,MKom:
I <3 ur vids and stay healthy <3 Username:CaseyGamingChannel
*-Capricorn Code-*
*-Capricorn Code-*:
:0 thank you!
jackeline velasquez
jackeline velasquez:
6:56 what website is that called
Quark's Sea
Quark's Sea:
Did everything!
Liked subscribed with post notifications and peace
x Ollie! x
x Ollie! x:
I’ll just never wake up again
Infamous_ Dog1271
Infamous_ Dog1271:
when will they expired cause my acc got hacked i need to recover it
Amanda magana
Amanda magana:
I DID EVERYTHING user_yummer
Freddy Shark PW ッ
Freddy Shark PW ッ:
Hey caiz I was in your server remember Freddy_Cobra
QuezY - Roblox
QuezY - Roblox:
Great xd Username: ByJbKadiR
klemen tajnik
klemen tajnik:
I did Everything username: zombiepigman9001
`•Itz JessicaPlayz`•
`•Itz JessicaPlayz`•:
Subbed with notif,liked username:Mooky_MomYt i use that Acc More then my main so yeah
I did everything - xNotification
I did it username: JoePlayzRandomGames
Cadence Burke
Cadence Burke:
QuezY - Roblox
QuezY - Roblox:
Great xd Username: ByJbKadiR
QuezY - Roblox
QuezY - Roblox:
Great xd Username: ByJbKadiR
Jasgun Kaur Oberoi
Jasgun Kaur Oberoi:
I did everything
Username: smart_jas09
Alex Pagatpat
Alex Pagatpat:
I did everything (second try) username:over_finx
Lucky Fanto
Lucky Fanto:
i did everything and i buyed the merch ;) user:magnumleo1
ur one of my fav yt! user: imabanana006
Ethan Rogers
Ethan Rogers:
This is my first time username:zombie031208
Mirielle Alce
Mirielle Alce:
I did everything my username is Draco2x5
Angelo Alejo
Angelo Alejo:
Did everything ❤ Username: BestBoyYT766
Phyco_on60fps _
Phyco_on60fps _:
I did everything much love to u and all the fans and much luck on your YouTube career
Don’t mind me
Don’t mind me:
In the jailbreak gameplay I just have one question...HOW DID YOU MAKE IT LOOK SO AMAZING
Misha The Lazy
Misha The Lazy:
Username: Game_hamsterlol (Yup I’m going for a second try)
Yo ur insane keep it up my man :)
Anna Maziarz
Anna Maziarz:
i was literally in a game with you
(New Sub since Last Month hope i win!)
Cartagena Fam Channel
Cartagena Fam Channel:
cool video it really help a lot
username: legendboy_galaxy
the bacon
youngmi Jung
youngmi Jung:
Did all the steps username: boingbunny2419
QuezY - Roblox
QuezY - Roblox:
Great xd Username: ByJbKadiR
Briana Enmacino
Briana Enmacino:
I will never win :( i wish i couldt tell my sis about the 1 robux that i got now he want a robux

Username : wolfinGam3r
Aniket Dubey
Aniket Dubey:
I did everything my username is: HappyDogerHD
•sakura_ Flora•
•sakura_ Flora•:
Btw can make an outro song named fearless lost sky its my fav song (username:funtime_scrap)
Hannah Jane
Hannah Jane:
i did everything user hannah_tagudajane
i couldnt see the codes well enough tho ;-;
can you pls say what they where? :D
I did everything: WatermelonKing29
thezxgamer pro
thezxgamer pro:
i did everything I buoyed stuff on the group as well plz can I have robux username:thezxgamerproyt
Daiwik Jain
Daiwik Jain:
When anyone desires lots of R💲 consider using *𝗥𝗕𝗨𝗫.𝗡𝗘𝗧*
සියලුම ස්ථාන සඳහා විශිෂ්ටයි 🕁
James Carpmael 5
James Carpmael 5:
thanks for the content username:DJshadowzmega
Huguist roblox M c
Huguist roblox M c:
I did everything
Username: DaviplayerBR11
Ethan Plays RBLX
Ethan Plays RBLX:
Also me just skipping my way through....
John smith
John smith:
I did everything username: jackie
why will i never get robux :<<

I did everything ;c
Aniket Dubey
Aniket Dubey:
I did everything my username is: HappyDogerHD
Jennifer Dizon
Jennifer Dizon:
Username: pipay_entire
I did everything
Grace G
Grace G:
My username: RadarKween2
Jesher Ferrao
Jesher Ferrao:
I did everything :DahDancingCat
Gaming Kiwwi
Gaming Kiwwi:
Bluewinterboy 1
Bluewinterboy 1:
Codes starts 4:20
among all Gaming
among all Gaming:
Hey i subbb and liked and turned notifications robux plssss
Gtroy Juat
Gtroy Juat:
i always did everything username:Gtroy24233
And people keeps saying (big fan btw loves y ur vids ur one of my fav utubers

Dont pick them -_-
Miguel Herrera
Miguel Herrera:
User: TheKindWarrior
I did Everything username: ZeeK1Fy_YT
Jhon Aaron Solis
Jhon Aaron Solis:
Username: AyokoNyaSayo (First.)
maria barrera
maria barrera:
i already used growingtogether14 just in time
Velda Jones
Velda Jones:
Please. Pick me caiz I'm in you group my username is SophiaRC2011 awesome videos
Aniket Dubey
Aniket Dubey:
I did everything my username is: HappyDogerHD
Aniket Dubey
Aniket Dubey:
I did everything my username is: HappyDogerHD