4.4 Earthquake Hawaii 7/27/2020

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Daniel Conner
Daniel Conner:
5.7 in philippines like 40 minutes ago
Tammy Cox
Tammy Cox:
Checking on my family in Kauai.
A good day...to you, too!
Matt Bowler
Matt Bowler:
Literally just saw this and reached out to my friend in HI. You're quick! Thanks for the reporting 🙏
A Thomas
A Thomas:
I REALLY enjoy and appreciate your updates :-) They confirm many "puzzle pieces" that I've learned about. YOU ROCK EARTHMASTER!!!
Aaron Jackson
Aaron Jackson:
Thank you!
Marshall Martin
Marshall Martin:
EMSC has this quake at 4.9, depth of 47km. Concerning for the Hilina Slump although the quake was offshore of Pahala.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan:
My 6th sense is picking up something in Hawaii. Something big is gonna happen there. Volcanic eruption?....? Light Streaks.? Tsunami? Waves ? Coming out? Remote viewing is 50 50.
Lance K Shimabukuro
Lance K Shimabukuro:
Loʻihi is pronounced loh-eehee, with a glottal stop in front of the first ee sound, similar to the glottal sound in the middle of the "Oh-oh" you make in a certain Spaghetti-O commercial. ;)
Laurie Kepaa
Laurie Kepaa:
It was a 4.7
8/11 ⚠️
Sam Navcom
Sam Navcom:
Miss Liz
Miss Liz:
Do you watch the DEW off the Buoys? Lot's of activity in ocean.

Direct Energy Weapons= DEW
Strong Believer of the Holy Bible
Strong Believer of the Holy Bible:
Earthquakes in Diver places. Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon🙏🏼❤️🕊REPENT, believe in the Gospel, Be Born Again