25 Novak Djokovic Moments That Will Blow Your Mind! ?

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Tennis TV
Tennis TV:
Happy 33rd birthday to World No.1 Novak Djokovic! 🎉
varun reddy Mothe
varun reddy Mothe:
Guys djokovic is the NOT the goat. He is the crocodile who eats goats for breakfast
Best tennis player I have seen.
David Jones
David Jones:
If he retired now he would be the greatest of all time in my mind.
Damer Kharmawphlang
Damer Kharmawphlang:
Gus the Dog
Gus the Dog:
Djokovic is literally the god of tennis!
Parikshit Singal
Parikshit Singal:
He is simply the best player in the world Federer and Nadal are great players no doubt but this man is just incredible
Okwy Ugonweze
Okwy Ugonweze:
And Djokovic rose to become the greatest player ever to hold a racket.
This will be the headline when it's all said and done.
Happy birthday champ.
What a boss of a player
Natã Brito
Natã Brito:
The most compleat player ever !!!
Inesh Nikunjam
Inesh Nikunjam:
33 - Combined wins against former World No. 3s and US Open champions Marin Cilic (17) and Juan Martin del Potro (16).
32 - years old when he led Team Serbia to the inaugural ATP Cup title.
31 - Top 10 wins in 2015. Djokovic's overall record in the season was 82-6.
30 - Consecutive Grand Slam singles matches won from the first round at 2015 Wimbledon until losing in the third round of 2016 Wimbledon.
29 - wins vs. Rafael Nadal (29-26).
28 - The number of consecutive Grand Slam quarter-finals Djokovic reached from 2009-16 (second all-time behind Roger Federer's 36).
27- victories vs. Federer (27-23).
26 years old in 2014 when he won his third of four consecutive Nitto ATP Finals titles.
25th player to become World No. 1 in the FedEx ATP Rankings (4 July 2011).
24-0 to conclude 2013 with titles in Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, the Nitto ATP Finals and Davis Cup.
23 straight wins from August to November in 2015 after 28 straight wins from March to June that same year.
22 consecutive wins from November 2012 to March 2013, including 11 against Top 10 players.
21 years old when he won the Tennis Masters Cup in 2008.
20 years old when he won his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in 2008.
19 years old when he won his first ATP Masters 1000 title in Miami in 2007.
18-match winning streak to start 2020.
17 straight wins vs. Top 10 opponents from the 2015 Nitto ATP Finals to 2016 Rome, a career-high.
16 years old when he made his tour-level debut (d. Skroderis in 2004 Davis Cup).
15 consecutive finals reached to conclude 2015 (17 including 2016 Doha and 2016 Australian Open).
14 straight Grand Slam semi-finals reached from 2010-13 (second all-time behind Federer's 23).
13 sets won 6-0 in 2011.
12 years old when he went to Niki Pilic’s academy in Germany.
11 tour-level trophies lifted in 2015, a career-high.
10 tour-level titles won in 2011.
9 losses in Grand Slam finals (Nadal 4, Murray 2, Stan Wawrinka 2, Federer 1).
8 Australian Open titles.
7 singles titles and a career-high 43 victories in a row from December 2010 to June 2011.
6 ATP Masters 1000 titles won in 2015, a single-season record.
5 year-end No. 1 finishes in the FedEx ATP Rankings.
4-time winner of the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year Award (2012, 2015, 2016, 2019).
3 sets lost en route to winning the 2020 Australian Open title.
2 match points saved to beat Federer in both the 2010 and 2011 US Open semi-finals.
1 of three men to hold all four Grand Slam titles at once (also Budge and Laver).
Veljko Jeremić
Veljko Jeremić:
Срећан рођендан нашем најбољем тенисеру свих времена!
Волимо те Нолее❤️❤️🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Marek Czyz
Marek Czyz:
Nole's Backhand down the line is the best shot in history od tennis
Yousef Manna
Yousef Manna:
Truly the Greatest of all time ❤️
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
Happy birthday GOATkovic!!!!!!!!!!!
Damer Kharmawphlang
Damer Kharmawphlang:
If Fed or Nadal is the goat then Nole must be the shepherd
lingkon ahmed
lingkon ahmed:
The legend.. The man of Tennis
Milos Popovic
Milos Popovic:
The best player on atp
Jaiveer Bali
Jaiveer Bali:
The GOAT❤️❤️
My fav❤️❤️ my idol❤️❤️
Dhruv Anjaria
Dhruv Anjaria:
Happy Birthday Novak!
Keep playing amazing tennis😀
varun reddy Mothe
varun reddy Mothe:
Greatest everrrrrrr
The most flexible player on the tour
craig mills
craig mills:
The king 👊🏻
Pavel Rozov
Pavel Rozov:
The ones who say djokovic plays boring tennis actually dont know anything about the sport...
Best returner in the game
Ernesto Jr. Acosta
Ernesto Jr. Acosta:
Happy birthday GOAT!
Milton Ng
Milton Ng:
Wimbledon 2018 backhand down the line against Kyle Double Bounce Edmund! That was the most brilliant moment I have ever seen that cemented the greatest comeback run in the history of tennis! :)
Mani Ratna Gubba
Mani Ratna Gubba:
My simple brain can't comprehend how there exist people who 'dislike' this video.
Bug de l'An 2020
Bug de l'An 2020:
see you in 2022 Novak for many records broken !!
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
The mohamed ali of tennis...Ali had in that time the same negative status by the media and by many people like djokovic today and in the end of the century ali became the award for the greatest sportler in the last century....so its not important what the anti-Novak media/fans/people say today.
Ricard Falcó S.
Ricard Falcó S.:
ashwin bapat
ashwin bapat:
Thank you Novak for opting tennis as a career.
Uroš Raca
Uroš Raca:
Happy birthday HERO!
Rushabh Kapasi
Rushabh Kapasi:
Someone call security there is a GOAT on the court!
juan roberto ponce arellano
juan roberto ponce arellano:
The best of all time!
Sendelo Kath
Sendelo Kath:
Happy birthday Novak!
Abhi Ram
Abhi Ram:
The facts that makes novak the best ;

1. He uses his power shots only when needed.
2. His amazing mental strength.
3.quick movements .
4. He never give up in a rally.

These are my opinion 😊.
Sky High
Sky High:
Happy birthday Novak
Chun-Hsiang Tseng
Chun-Hsiang Tseng:
Happy birthday, Djokovic! I miss tennis so much =(
Manoj D
Manoj D:
Bible of Tennis
M W:
Happy Birthday, Dearest No1e!!! <3<3<3
Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic:
Happy birthday Nole may god bless you with many more successes and grand slams. Greatest in my eyes!!!! Stay safe and come back stronger!!!! Idemooo Nole!!!! 😄
tibo Larreta
tibo Larreta:
Happy Birthdayyyy Nooooole, Best eVer for eVer ;))
Long Live Djoker!
suraj chandra
suraj chandra:
Happy birthday to the 🐐
Happy 33rd birthday my favourite tenis player, god bless to you with health and happiness
Rajat Pandey
Rajat Pandey:
Happy Birthday Novak
Srećan ti rođendan legendo.
ivan vidal
ivan vidal:
Is the best tennis playera if the history!!!
bharat upadrasta
bharat upadrasta:
Legend like no other....happy birthday and God bless you!
Alexander Arsov
Alexander Arsov:
Everybody in ATP: How can I win a point against Djoko?
Einstein's Ghost: Go to another universe, my son!
saifullah khan
saifullah khan:
Djokovic has the most less losess in tennis
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
10:31 every tennis player would hit this shot with his forehand, but GOATkovic used his backhand.AMAZING WINNER
어디서 좀놀았니
어디서 좀놀았니:
The most complete tennis player of all time. Will become the GOAT if he stays away from injuries.
Manoj D
Manoj D:
Best Moment 8-7 40-15
Happy B-day Champ.
Federico Scola
Federico Scola:
happy birthday to Novak !!
Gabriel Margolies
Gabriel Margolies:
Great video Tennis TV. Happy Birthday Novak Djokovic!
Novak is great, big, enormous, cool, gigantic, astonishing, huge, immense, prodigious, important, crucial, significant
famous, eminent, illustrious, outstanding, funny, prominent, remarkable, excellent, fantastic, fine, marvelous, superb, terrific, tremendous, wonderful, awesome
, fascinating, incredible, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, unique, charismatic, kind, good-hearted, the one and only birthday boy! :))
Marek Czyz
Marek Czyz:
Wrong name in title. He is not Djokovic his real name is Goatovic
Probably the best player ever for overall fitness, footwork and court movement.
Sbo Ndwandwe
Sbo Ndwandwe:
Mind blowing indeed
Amna 123
Amna 123:
Happy Birthday Novak :)
Niccolò Giusto
Niccolò Giusto:
How many painful losses to you. Happy birthday legend
Hayden Wu
Hayden Wu:
He is a beast
Bryan Tse
Bryan Tse:
Happy Birthday, Novak! Thank you for your excellent display of magic skills!
3:54 look what a real goat does in critical moment and what a certain Swiss choker did
M A:
A fictional man ✌
Lance Lucas
Lance Lucas:
I thought the end was pretty funny the commentator said he can do no wrong right after he double faulted. All hail the goat.
Tennis from another level Novak Djokovic is Goat!!!!
Hrant Bagrazyan
Hrant Bagrazyan:
He will beat the records in most grand slams and most overall titles, it's just a matter of time. When he retires, everyone will say he was the best ever.
anup giram
anup giram:
RIP who unliked these shots.
Mukhtar Gafar
Mukhtar Gafar:
He’s now a veteran😭😭😭
6:01 lol i love this moment of them just standing still for a sec
nearly all these really great points are played out of the defense.
the oponnent of djoker makes the offensiv moves and djoker can react (i agree , in a great manner).
but a really great number 1 should be the player which creates the offensiv game and not the one which just reacts.
Aleksandar Potocnjak
Aleksandar Potocnjak:
The perfection of tennis and a good athlete and man.It is unlikely that such a strong three tennis players will ever happen again
Diean Warraich
Diean Warraich:
Idemo nole ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Best Friend
Best Friend:
Nicola Pavoni
Nicola Pavoni:
Buon Compleanno Campione !!!
Rogi Cvigi
Rogi Cvigi:
He's like MJ in Basketball, he just always keeps himself motivated and doesn't get enough of winning. There's no point he couldn't turn in his favour.
Grande Nole 💪
Vladimir Petrovic
Vladimir Petrovic:
This is brilliant! I just love this man!!! 🙏💪Brings so much passion to the tennis, amazing to watch. Unbelivable life path, inspiration for underdogs. ❤️
Khalid Zaky
Khalid Zaky:
The Greatest player i have ever seen 💪🏻💪🏻
Nemanja Ugljesic
Nemanja Ugljesic:
i love when he makes crowd silente
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali:
__the boys at 7:10 will remember this moment for a very long time... Thanks to the brilliance of djokovic...!!!
Vladislav Dandara
Vladislav Dandara:
Nothing to add, nothing to delete! A perfect player!!! Best wish and keep the level of 2020 at least the next 1,2 years!
In The Beginning Was The Word
In The Beginning Was The Word:
In tennis there's nothing more satisfying than watching Novak beat Federer and Nadal.
Shoyo Hinata
Shoyo Hinata:
At 6:04 all I could think about was uhhhh ehhh uhhh ehhh
6:00 it's just unbelievable :D
Mandi Dikana
Mandi Dikana:
Best tennis shot making, EVER!

Best tennis player 🎾 in the men's tournament. ❤
Michael Alan
Michael Alan:
An incredible human being and the GOAT of men's tennis!
Mauricio Alejandro Elgueta Perez
Mauricio Alejandro Elgueta Perez:
Happy birthday Novak Djokovic, just great he is the chosen king of kings
Alexander Pruger
Alexander Pruger:
Not too bad!
Dee Rossii
Dee Rossii:
OMG! I love Fedal, but how can you play against that animal?
Andrej Glavan
Andrej Glavan:
That's my fellow Serb! <3
"Corona" detected from the start of the video till @1:17. Surprise tennis was brought to a halt because of covid 19 and "Corona" shows up for so long, lol
Péter Baranyi
Péter Baranyi:
All time best tennis player on the World..
Bravo, Novak! Congrats!
Gus the Dog
Gus the Dog:
Nebojsa Lav
Nebojsa Lav:
The best tennis player in the world 💪
Danijela Coskov
Danijela Coskov:
Simply brilliant! Good bless him