24 Hours With Winnie Harlow in Quarantine (@ Home) | Vogue

Modeling star Winnie Harlow shares her at home beauty secrets and the right way to eat soursop in this exclusive peek into her off-duty routine. Watch as Winnie FaceTime's with Tory Lanez, eats some Jamaican fruits, and plays a late-night game of Cadoo.

#stayhome #withme

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24 Hours With Winnie Harlow in Quarantine (@ Home) | Vogue

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Jimin u got no jams
Jimin u got no jams:
My cousin has vitiligo and she has one white hand and one black hand and has been faking a relationship for a year now (by taking hand holding pictures). If that's not iconic I don’t know what is.
Luca D
Luca D:
Living for the comments dragging her horrible personality
Quarantine edition with Zendaya next 👀
Sofie Grace
Sofie Grace:
She is one of the meanest persons in the modeling industry, please stop including her in your videos Vogue! (Edit) To everyone who is asking just watch the video 'Everything wrong with Winnie Harlow' and let’s not forget about the flight, first class drama!
Moonlight Caroline
Moonlight Caroline:
Wouldn’t want to be in quarantine with her tbh
María AC
María AC:
Let's be honest, she's a model because of vitiligo, no despite of
Stop including her in videos we dont like her rude personality
glow Baby
glow Baby:
Did i miss something or? Why people are dragging her in the comments?😂
Casually Me
Casually Me:
Okay but are we just ignore how beautitful her friend is?
Steph B
Steph B:
Yeah, I still not a fan. I can’t watch after see how ungrateful she was to Tyra banks and and rude on the show ANTM.
Neemo Wairimu
Neemo Wairimu:
Idk, I've always thought people with vitiligo are like walking pieces of art even though they get bullied for it.
She looks like a completely different person on the thumbnail
Meanest comment section ive ever seen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andie Andrada
Andie Andrada:
are y’all just gonna act like she isnt one of the “mean girls” of the modeling industry cause lol
Subhajit Singha
Subhajit Singha:
Beautiful outside, mean inside 💔
Monica Ailyn
Monica Ailyn:
Pretty on the outside but absolutely HIDEOUS on the inside. I said what I said
Mrs Curry
Mrs Curry:
Idc wha anyone says. I swear she’s so mf beautiful and I feel like she pulls off her skin condition
Am I the only one that got confused 'cause I thought she Opened the door to her Apartment/House in the beginning and was wondering why she'd do her Skincare and stuff at the doorstep lmao
Zack Attack
Zack Attack:
Ppl keep saying she’s rude/mean. I don’t think she means to come off that way. I feel like she just has her guard up sometimes because she was so harshly bullied and belittled by her peers for such a massive amount of her life. We are a product of our environment and if your environment is malicious to you for so long, that’s going to raise your guard, naturally, especially around ppl you don’t know.
yanda B
yanda B:
Ever since she made comments about ducki thot natural hair, I genuinely dont like her 💀
Heike Hannah
Heike Hannah:
Hang on how is this one day? First she has make up on after bathroom scene then making brekki no make up then in green make up again. That wasn’t filmed in a day.
Sarah Rise
Sarah Rise:
Honestly I can’t see her as nice since that time she criticized Tyra, but she is indeed really beautiful.
Angelika Jolie
Angelika Jolie:
everyone talking about her personality, i dont know any better but i cant stop looking at the safety pins as earrings
I have vitiligo and I've honestly idolized her for the longest time but her personality it just ㅠㅠ
Amanda Guarini
Amanda Guarini:
The skin condition is the same MJ had yet no one believed him
How do you guys know she is mean? Do you know her personally, or are y’all just repeating something you heard !??
jose arroyo
jose arroyo:
Well she is a model, she dont need to sale her personality, also... if she were white everybody would say "she is just a Diva"
In my own little corner
In my own little corner:
I dont get it..why are people dragging her
Gözde Buçukcu
Gözde Buçukcu:
She doesn’t even quarantine in her apartment she stays in Kuzma’s house. I’m here like why nobody commenting on that lol
Alyssa Ruiz
Alyssa Ruiz:
Beauty secrets with EMMA WATSON!!!
karla ocampo
karla ocampo:
I don’t like her or her personality I can just tell when someone is a bad person or cocky
Nasreen h
Nasreen h:
I mean this wasn’t 24hrs was it because she did her make up in the and then didn’t have it on...
Jovana M
Jovana M:
24h in Quarantine with Barbara Palvin ???❤️
Queen Abk
Queen Abk:
Who is here after Tyra is called out on her bullying and has always known Winnow did not deserve all this hate
I came here bc everyone said she’s mean
ok Meg
ok Meg:
Omg I understand why she is how she is, she's not mean, she's Jamaican!!! Island girls have that special sassiness to them, it makes so much sense lol and she uses dove soap on her face like me!!!! Love her
Exodus Twenty
Exodus Twenty:
So celebs have permission to be closer that 1 m during Lockdown
My mouth legit starting watering when she broke open the soursop. I could taste the tartness and the texture...gotta get one this week!
xoana Rubinos Cillero
xoana Rubinos Cillero:
Why is everybody hating on her?
I actually like her
joseph k u
joseph k u:
She's horrible and really mean to people, she even dissed people like tyra banks who put her on the map!!!
michael butalid
michael butalid:
Is she the only person who look gorgeous with her imperfection 😍 i luuuuuv her
Allana Davis
Allana Davis:
I love how natural she is ♥️
Z Zenith
Z Zenith:
Wow, her vitiligo really has changed a lot! I just compared to her ANTM audition video, and she had a lot more white around her eyes back then!
Sarah A.
Sarah A.:
others: I always loose my safety pins.
Winnie harlow: Well I don't do that here
Jeremy Danté
Jeremy Danté:
Ew, whoever ol’ girl was in the video didn’t even wash the rice! She just added water.
aicha thiam
aicha thiam:
Winnie: “quarantine radio” nobody: Me:..........SOOOO tiktok💀
A B:
5:40 YESSSSS, MY FAVORITE FRUIT: CHIRIMOYA! Any Peruvians in the building? 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪
Rose Epineuse
Rose Epineuse:
girl I put everything in the oven too lol
Kountry Wayne makes a sound like that just before before He say "let that sizzle in your spirit"
& the 🐦was natural.
...ok back to the video
Alina Scotsman
Alina Scotsman:
this is gonna sound wrong but i’m not talking winnie when i say this, she’s beautiful. however, i don’t understand why people hate on people vitiligo for having vitiligo. like sometimes people with vitiligo can be ugly but it’s not coz of the vitiligo you know. like just because someone has vitiligo doesn’t naturally make them ugly or beautiful it just makes them natural
Lilian Q
Lilian Q:
Make up make you feel you've done sth today?? How bored and boring you are.
Dylan Graham
Dylan Graham:
So stunning wish my skin was so flawless like hers
Isabela Terra
Isabela Terra:
Why you guys hate her? This is a honest question
Lisa Hunter
Lisa Hunter:
They straight hating on this young black woman in this comments
Rozalia West
Rozalia West:
Wow, her publicist must have A LOT of damage control to do to cover up that horrible attitude
Jenny McNeill
Jenny McNeill:
Dang I didn’t know so many people knew her personally...these comments suck
Nels fitness
Nels fitness:
God bless ❤ winnie Harlow ur stories give to me ah confidence..
She did her makeup so flawless 😍. I love her💕
Tâm Phạm
Tâm Phạm:
I can’t understand what they said? Could you give me English subtitles please?
Esi Kokui
Esi Kokui:
Love how she showed her culture's fruits in this
Ifunanya esther
Ifunanya esther:
Love😍 Winnie harlow, you guys should stop the hate. You're not Perfect either 😒
Pretty Pinkey
Pretty Pinkey:
I can't understand how u ppl drag celebrities and u don't actually know them, you don't know what they're going through all u see is just a little piece of the whole puzzle. Btw nobody is perfect we all have our good and bad side. #stopjudging
Soniya Tatin
Soniya Tatin:
She has best lips ever♥️
Ruth Anyasi
Ruth Anyasi:
I could literally smell and taste the soursop 😋😋 😋. You're a beautiful and brave girl, Winnie.
yall really still bullying winnie for speaking out against antm when she was telling the truth and others antm girls are speaking out about it?
Posey Connell
Posey Connell:
When your first, you don’t know what to say....
S C:
She’s beautiful 😍
Jordan Hawkins
Jordan Hawkins:
It’s hilarious how everyone is bashing her but watching her video! 🤣😂 I’m confused!
Sydney marie lee
Sydney marie lee:
Spoil Boi Nico
Spoil Boi Nico:
Great Video. And the Food 🥘 Looked Magnificent 👌
Mariana Ganci
Mariana Ganci:
Do Barbara Palvin next, please and thank you. 😘
That cleansing balm at the end, is a life changer. ❤️
Marrit Wolff, de
Marrit Wolff, de:
What is up with all these people how could you hold grudges on people you don’t know
Oscar Santiago
Oscar Santiago:
You can tell shes stuck up and a diva
Rosa Lavelle
Rosa Lavelle:
I think her friend should be the Victoria’s Secret model just look at her friend she’s so pretty!
Harvey D
Harvey D:
She looks exactly like a young jody watley!!!!
Sofia Macalindol
Sofia Macalindol:
Come on guys, she's soo gorgeous she's soo talented and sooo kinddd she's just perfect.

And thats why i love zendaya.
Come onn vogue do z!
Raquel SG
Raquel SG:
Tough times for long nails, guys.
Ms. Vitiligo
Ms. Vitiligo:
you are my inspiration, at the first I was very depressed, but now because of you I am very confident
Imkong Mayang
Imkong Mayang:
My absolute favourite Supermodel! My inspiration.
Sade Gardner
Sade Gardner:
I wash my greens with salt too 💛
Daniel Coe
Daniel Coe:
Seriously, paper clips for earrings
Gina Love
Gina Love:
I hope the people criticising her attitude are perfect individuals
rama prilian
rama prilian:
Quarantine edition with Bebe Rexha please!!
kween yen
kween yen:
That's a Guyabano!❤️
nankinga goret
nankinga goret:
That fruit UE opened first is the best.
Zoe M
Zoe M:
I was so sad to realize she's not a nice person....so sad. She's so mean 😭
Cupcake Campbell
Cupcake Campbell:
Somebody help me out here wat did she dooo omg🤔🤣🤣☕
All Videos
All Videos:
Just casually FaceTiming the darg Tory
It’sKylah M
It’sKylah M:
Quick dinner (salmon, rice, spinach) 😂
Ponçik Yanak
Ponçik Yanak:
Miss Orange
Miss Orange:
Soursoup is delicious in Mexico we call it Guanábana
Joshua Cox
Joshua Cox:
I have vitiligo you have really inspired me to be myself and not hide who i am
That Rad Guy
That Rad Guy:
Remember when she said Tyra and ANTM did nothing for her modeling career? #ungrateful
Wow she's pretty 🤣❤❤
Emmalyn Joy Condes
Emmalyn Joy Condes:
73 questions with Noah Centineo please
King Walker
King Walker:
I don’t get the point of making fun of skin condition grow up !!!
Reginas vlogggs
Reginas vlogggs:
I eat that Jamaican fruit alot it's amazing
Harini chinnu
Harini chinnu:
That's called rampala in India (the fruit)