24 Hours With Robert Pattinson | Vogue

Follow Robert Pattinson as he makes his way through Paris, sniffing fragrances and sitting front row at Dior.

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24 Hours With Robert Pattinson | Vogue

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Cranky Frog
Cranky Frog:
I feel like he is constantly laughing at some joke that only he knows
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing:
He acts like he doesn’t know he’s hot
Arina Arinza
Arina Arinza:
No one:
Robert Pattinson: *Cringes at his own existence*
He’s the only actor I can think of that could do an amazing job portraying both the Batman and the joker..
Hannah Nelson
Hannah Nelson:
“When I was a kid I did used to eat my pencils all the time”
Dior rep: 👁👄👁
vogue you spent a whole day with robert pattinson and only gives us SIX MINUTES of it????? how dare you?
Cammy Nguyen
Cammy Nguyen:
He’s a little awkward and kooky but it’s so charming and endearing.
He would have made such a good Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice 🥺
Robyn X
Robyn X:
he’s literally a vampire, he doesn’t age.
Robert Pattinson treats his entire life like it’s a PowerPoint presentation he didn’t prepare for and it’s so incredible
Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva:
He's just so socially awkward, but thqt just makes him better than perfect.😂
Stephy Velazquez Balmer
Stephy Velazquez Balmer:
He is a lot more soft spoken then I thought he was would be. Does anyone else get this incredible urge to protect him? No? Just me???
Crazy how he's a professional actor yet every time I see him in a social situation he looks as if he doesn't know how to act 🤣
Let's admit that no one is over their Robert Pattinson phase. (It's been SEVEN months QUIT liking my comment)
charlotte cullen
charlotte cullen:
Me: I hate when girls fangirl over him
Also me: cEdRic DiGgOrY he's so cute
xoxo, bilge
xoxo, bilge:
So anyone else just watching this because they had a crush on him 10 years ago and now watched Tenet and is just watching everything Robert Pattinson on youtube? No? Just me? Okay
Gwendolyn Nieman
Gwendolyn Nieman:
Robert is one of these guys who is not the classical beauty of a man but has something about him that is veeeeeery attractive
H B:
I feel like he has so many inside jokes with himself and I love it ajdbjsjj💀
hoseok’s biggest simper
hoseok’s biggest simper:
y’all talking about timothee chalamet rn but HONEY I’m still not over Robert Pattinson
K Lu
K Lu:
That privileged front row seat looks really really uncomfortable
Bass and Treble 66
Bass and Treble 66:
January: Nope
February: Nope
March: Naw
April: Not even close
May: Still no
June: Not yet
July: No way
Andrew Milhoan
Andrew Milhoan:
He seems like such a chill and fun guy to be around. I can see why the ladies have such a thing for him.
Sholak Bd
Sholak Bd:
He's the Bruce Wayne whose parents didn't get killed.
you’re telling me i’ve been missing this video for six months? SIX MONTHS???
M7_Mar _
M7_Mar _:
I just gotta say that this guy Robert Pattinson is an incredible actor. Just watched him in Devil all the time and i’m ready to see how he is as batman
I'll admit I wasn't on board during the Twilight craze, but I just saw Tenet and he has aged like a fine 🍷
Sometimes I feel kinda bad for Robert he gets put in embarrassing and awkward positions but he always finds a way to make it NOT cringe
Aryaman Paul
Aryaman Paul:
So we’re all here after the batman trailer and we’re all surprised....
Is no one going to talk about how uncomfortable and crammed they were while watching the Dior show LOL
Resumé Puddifoot
Resumé Puddifoot:
ANYWAY, Vogue, be wise enough to bring us more Robert Pattinson content.
chiccy nuggies
chiccy nuggies:
He is literally the antithesis of all the characters he play. The range of this man... it's amazing LMFAO
Alisha Danielle
Alisha Danielle:
I still want to wake up in a bed with him and a broken headboard and feathers
jazzy j
jazzy j:
Nothing is more him than admitting he would eat his pencils. I love him
Al Fazri
Al Fazri:
There is 3 person that doesn't age:
1.Keanu Reeves
2.Leonardo di Caprio
3.Bruce Wayne, i mean Robert Pattinson
Ayushmaan Dev
Ayushmaan Dev:
Robert Pattinson passes by a crowd

Inhuman demonic screams
Brianna Barrett
Brianna Barrett:
The facts that everyone is sitting so close really bothers me like why are they on top of each other
Bri DaBaus
Bri DaBaus:
This poor man had no idea what was coming, the twilight fandom has returned
Langi Foaga
Langi Foaga:
3:10 he was going for a low five but realised he had to be formal🤣
Mister_ GrizzLee
Mister_ GrizzLee:
"24 hours with Robert Pattinson "
Video is 6:17 minutes long

*Those bastards lied to me*
Strangers Stan
Strangers Stan:
he’s literally gorgeous
Blake Parks
Blake Parks:
about time this man got the recognition he deserves
Julia Lay
Julia Lay:
He looks constantly drunk but it’s so hot at the same time
Christi A
Christi A:
Pattinson saying 'bonjour' is everything
Walo Chirhah
Walo Chirhah:
Robert: 'when I was kid I did used to eat my pencils all the time'
Anja Coetzee
Anja Coetzee:
Anyone else here because of Alizee?
Leonardo Henrique
Leonardo Henrique:
He seems like a fun guy to be around, kinda goofy
N C:
His awkwardness and shyness are soooooo cute
Syd the kid
Syd the kid:
How can one watch this and not smile the entire time
Katie Ryan
Katie Ryan:
“Hazardous scents” ...he knows, he gets it.
J D:
He's Vengeance!
He's the Dark Knight!
He's Batman!
* And sometimes he's a sparkly Hufflepuff Vampire!
Madds Keim
Madds Keim:
Am I the only one that finds fashion shows to be unbelievably boring
Sumaiya Rizvi
Sumaiya Rizvi:
I believe I will never get over Robert Pattinson! Are you like kidding me you all? Just look at him ? DAMMIT
who came here after watching tenet
Ari Sadhono
Ari Sadhono:
i still can't believe this is the guy who played crazy lighthouse keeper that amck his captain head with axe
Who is here after TENET? Admit it you like this guy now.
Ryan Corrigan
Ryan Corrigan:
This dude seems classy but chill af.
As I'm getting older Robert is more and more attractive to me
Durga Thapa
Durga Thapa:
Robert looks like your next-door neighbour boy who's super chill and can easily be friends with.
Veronica Renn
Veronica Renn:
*_Here after watching the Batman trailer._* This man is such a killer actor. Can't wait to see him a little batty!
Ellie Williams
Ellie Williams:
I'm sorry but they made him look so weird in twilight while he is incredibly handsome in real life. I don't know what they did in those films but it always looked like he has lipstick on that's a little smeared out and he had a weird hairdo while here he looks fine 😂
Annisa Fahira
Annisa Fahira:
he's the real vampire. he's never old.
are we all forgetting that he was cedric
thea denham
thea denham:
my aunt is one of his agents so yeet i got to meet him and he is literally the sweetest person eveerrr
Meadow Conner
Meadow Conner:
I feel like he embodies the energy of this emoji😏
Naja Allen
Naja Allen:
I live for this human being. He’s so funny, everything he says feels like an inside joke that only he’s in on. I love it!
Robert Patterson acts exactly as if he was a 17 year old that was made immortal
Sofi Bujan
Sofi Bujan:
He can't die because he's Edward but he's dead because he's Cedric, I'm confused right now lol
Jastej K
Jastej K:
I remember watching the twilight movies and being not very pleased by those, so after that my brain just automatically associated Robert as a bad actor but then I watched the movie called, "Remember Me" which came out during the same time as the third twilight movie and *BOY* was I wrong!
After that I've watched a lot of his movies and every time I'm left amazed that how incredibly talented he is!
Can't wait to see him as The Batman!!
Gracie Pelucacci
Gracie Pelucacci:
This man is so weird and that’s why I love him, he constantly laughs at things that only he really knows.
Hayley De Ville
Hayley De Ville:
he acts like his life is a presentation he didn’t prepare for and i love it
ysabel arboleda
ysabel arboleda:
After 10 years I’m still in love with this man
Disha Rana
Disha Rana:
He’s just so adorable and talented
Swatch Wichar
Swatch Wichar:
Anyone after The Batman trailer...
Shady Coder
Shady Coder:
British.... extremely British.

Pretty sure he doesn't like to live like this.
*Didn’t expect him to be that down to earth with everything...*
Eleni Belle
Eleni Belle:
Robert Pattinson looks like Mac Millers older brother who always got the girls at highschool but now is depressed
Grace ann
Grace ann:
I just absolutely love his personality in real life. He is also an amazing actor. And the fact that he walks around so humbly, like he doesn't even know he is super hot. Lol
Resumé Puddifoot
Resumé Puddifoot:
He's a beautiful person with a beautiful personality
Gabbie Phillips
Gabbie Phillips:
Just now noticing in this interview he’s got his Bruce Wayne hair
Sarah H.
Sarah H.:
"24 hours with Robert Patterson."
Then why is the video only 6 minutes and 18 secounds? The LIES
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen:
24 hours with Bruce Wayne
Came here right after watching another video like that where he was in the Harry potter set and that was years ago and yet I see no change in his personality. Same old Robert.
Anupam Hore
Anupam Hore:
so, the entire video is actually Bruce Wayne if his parent's were alive?
mr worldwide
mr worldwide:
Bruce wayne is good at playing robert pattinson role
I need a refund,
I didn't see him sleep
I didn't see him wake up
I didn't see him brush his teeth
I didn't see him eat
Flavio Sousa
Flavio Sousa:
Wonderful Actor, he's going to be brilliant in Batman.
Elizabeth Griffin
Elizabeth Griffin:
i love that people understand why this could be my favorite actor. all the evidence is right here!
I don't want to lie, but honestly Robert was my first love
Cynthia Ghaz
Cynthia Ghaz:
He’s so weird lol
Dajung Chung
Dajung Chung:
When he said "I probably embarrassed myself but it's nothing out of the ordinary" at the end I FELT THAT 😂
Old Sport
Old Sport:
This Batman is already my favourite
KD6 - 3.7
KD6 - 3.7:
Hope he recovers soon
Caroline Forrester
Caroline Forrester:
Rob sounds like an American who studied abroad in London and came back saying the accent rubbed off on him while living there.
man cheeto
man cheeto:
the audience is all very close to each other in that show. huh
Marilyn Shelton
Marilyn Shelton:
Of course he's living like an 18th century vampire in Paris.
dnoallyn16 98
dnoallyn16 98:
Seems like a great guy. He's become such an awesome actor. The batman is in great great hands.
Kriisan Sundaram
Kriisan Sundaram:
Anyone else come back here after the batman trailer??
Gerret The Garter Snake
Gerret The Garter Snake:
When Robert smelled the paper thing I thought it was a pregnancy test for a sec. Then he was like “smells delicious”
Mehmet Ivan Cinarli
Mehmet Ivan Cinarli:
İt is quite annoying how youtube put this in front of me after batman trailer came out and did not when this was uploaded