2020 Macbook Pro 13": My Honest Review 30 Days Later!

It's been over a month now since I bought the base model Macbook Pro 13 inch, and after everything that was just announced at WWDC, I have some important thoughts to share...

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100+ komento:

Joey Farrell
Joey Farrell:
Just bought this, don’t regret it, never had a MacBook before so can’t wait to try it out
Kirby Bragais
Kirby Bragais:
I've been trying to get my hands on a macbook for years but had to settle for less due to financial issues. Its really expensive for me, especially here in the Philippines. Its an upper middle class and above purchase but being in the lower middle class I still try to save for it because I know these things last long. I hope I get one soon as my first macbook before I teach college classes.
William Säfström
William Säfström:
Imagine buying a $1500 machine for some “light web browsing”
Just got the base model yesterday, 1st macbook.
Nicolás T
Nicolás T:
I love the fact you don’t use the more expensive model! 👍
Popsiclepunk 21
Popsiclepunk 21:
I really appreciate that you just flat out said what you think. This is definitely the most helpful macbook video I’ve seen. I’m going to wait until the next one comes out now! Thanks!
Lemon Salmon
Lemon Salmon:
I really wanted to wait for the ARM update but I can’t, I need a laptop ASAP because online classes. TBH I’m not techie at ALL and I will only use my laptop for pretty basic stuff (I’m a medical student and an author of....stuff hahaha) and I’ve survived my HS-premed and early medstudent career with only the iPad (6 years) and then my current iPad Pro 10.5 (3 years). The Online Classes thing is a curveball; Zoom does NOT work on split screen and this basically forced me to get a macbook. I’m going for the Macbook Pro 13” 512GB 8GB so I can write as much as I want without worrying for storage or heating issues. ARM would probably take a couple years to be streamlined anyways (my slightly bitter soul talking here) so my new MBP should be perfectly fine for maybe 4-5 years. Maybe more. My classmates have 7 year old MBs going strong and I think the durability is wonderful since not only is it worth the cost but also because I personally get REALLY attached to my belongings and I absolutely abhor having to switch and abandon whatever I’m using. Switching my iPhone 5s to the XR made me cry and I still have my old 5s displayed in my room. I only switched it because it really can’t keep up with me anymore...
Paul delgado
Paul delgado:
I ordered this MacBook yesterday this will be my first and i can’t wait to use it
I love your channel, I only found out about it today and I'm glad that I did. I've been binge-watching all of your videos and I'm blown away by your production quality. It honestly compares to channels with 5 million+ subs. I hope your channel becomes big in the future.
Toni Chandler
Toni Chandler:
I am so happy that I watched this before hitting "buy now"! My screen has a nearly undetectable crack that has made it difficult to negotiate my home screen. I have an I pad that will get me thru till the end of the year when the new processor comes out. Thank you so much for a no nonsense video that makes it easy to understand for the non gaming / basic needs consumer.
Vlone Huncho
Vlone Huncho:
would the base model be good for a student?
You're one of the greatest reviewers! You'll grow alot my guy
Sebastian Hansen
Sebastian Hansen:
It’s been just over 6 hour since I bought the MacBook Pro
Joe Palmrr
Joe Palmrr:
You have saved me from buying one of the new Macbooks so I can now wait until Apple Silicon macs are out. Thank you, sir. I will hang on with my 2015 MacBook for now.
Edward H
Edward H:
Great video! Got the 10th-gen MBP two weeks ago. Love it so far and a perfect upgrade from my base model 2012 MBP.
Dr. David Mathiasen
Dr. David Mathiasen:
The light above your screen is amazing ❤️
Shaira Nicole Baron
Shaira Nicole Baron:
Notif squad🔥 another great review keep it up👍
Denise Rendon
Denise Rendon:
I was JUST about to buy one because I’ve had my 2013 15” MacBook Pro and it was tome to upgrade but if you’re telling me they’re going to upgrade at the end of the year I will wait. My patience will have to endure lol. So glad I took the chance to watch ur video 👌🏻
franchesca a.
franchesca a.:
recently just bought this model after hunkering down with an early 2015 macbook pro ~5 1/2 years. i love that i bought a new macbook after apple threw out the butterfly keyboard !!
Disfunctional Expat
Disfunctional Expat:
I love the idea of Apple silicon, but I live on Bootcamp and I can’t see how the Windows side will continue to be a functional experience. I’m upgrading to the maxed out 16 now so I can wait out the mess.
N H T:
I was very tempted to order this laptop until I watched your review. I’m definitely gonna wait till the new technology comes out hopefully at the end of the year
Esteban González
Esteban González:
Wow, your desktop setup looks amazing! Amazing video :)
Siddhartha Swarup Parida
Siddhartha Swarup Parida:
Great video as usual, brother!! Love your setup and I hope you are doing well. It would be great if you do include some benchmark comparison with the previous gen MacBook and current windows alternative. Great work. Stay safe
Ali Gohar
Ali Gohar:
I'm surprised he is underrated. This review is amazing. You will grow one day my guy.
I’m only looking to buy cuz of the student offer 😭
John Hiscock
John Hiscock:
I just bought mine and i cannot wait to receive it in the mail
Pranay Arora
Pranay Arora:
You’ve talked so greatly and aptly in this vid. Love it❤️
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones:
How much stuff is going to break moving to arm from intel though?
Karthik Kosuru
Karthik Kosuru:
Just got my 1st Macbook Pro 13 Inch couple of days ago and I am loving it!
Shibe Craft
Shibe Craft:
I ordered mine today and I can't wait I'm so exited! 🤩
Selma Spiga
Selma Spiga:
The video was really useful. Thx 😊
sunil venkata
sunil venkata:
Man!!!! You are killing it. Buy the way, it’s been long that you have reviewed a new phone... lol, just saying 😉😉
Absolute love my 2020 “13 inch Mac book pro!!!!
Azeem Jaafar
Azeem Jaafar:
Yoww man!! Killing with the videos, im confused by the amount of subs u must have atleast 100k by now 😍🔥
Jay Ojha
Jay Ojha:
I bet you have the best intro feel than any other tech channel out there.... even better than MKBHD's.
I’m treating myself to my first Mac or iPad for school ,work and some play. Trying to figure which would be good for me plus the price
10th-gen 13” here with an external 6K xdr display, running really smooth. Happy with it.
Interesting point about the apple chips, I was ready to replace my surface 2017 that is absolutely crapping out. But I def would not mind waiting a few more months if something better is around the corner.
Gen MT
Gen MT:
Thank you for this review!! You definitely saved my some big money!! I’m going to hold off until the end of the year!!!
Really loved the video! Was just wondering if you had any suggestions for a more affordable thunderbolt 3 capable monitor? The BenQ one is just way out of my budget. Thanks!
What’s the best MacBook to get? I’ve been looking for something slim and small and I wanted to get a 2017 MacBook Pro but they’re still pretty expensive
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams:
Thanks for your honest review! Will definitely wait for the Silicon model :)
Shae Lynn
Shae Lynn:
First time using a Macbook, been using it for over 3 months now. & I love it. The keyboard is so easy to type. And easier to travel with.
Kevin Bourassa
Kevin Bourassa:
As a “pro” user, I am skeptical of Apples ability (or commitment) to transition to their ARM processors without compatibility hiccups. I’m thinking of the FCPX debacle, as well as recent issues with Catalina’s launch. I’m excited to see what Apple computers will look like in 3-5 years, but given their very spotty last decade with computer hardware and their obvious prioritization of mobile devices, I will not be an early adopter of Apple Silicon. Nor will I be buying any final-gen Apple Intel products, as I don’t have much faith in their commitment to future compatibility once all new Apple computers are intel-free.
quality of this video is IMMACULATE
had to buy one since i’m starting school on august but wow i am really hoping to buy the future macbooks soon
I'm in no need to upgrade from my 2018 15" MBP, but I'm glad I didn't wait longer to buy it because I'm gonna be itching to upgrade to a 16" Apple silicon-based MBP if and when that's released!
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy:
When you cook you can use this thing to keep your plates warm - it's a hotplate with a computer inside. It's definitely not a laptop, because the last place on earth this thing should ever be is on your lap!!!
Daniel Hunt
Daniel Hunt:
Hey 👋 thanks for the review really helpful. I didn’t realise apple are releasing a new set of laptops 💻 towards the end of the year might hold on.
Is anyone else reminded of The Room series by that awesome retro spotlight?
Николай Апчаев
Николай Апчаев:
Thank you for your review ! Cool 😎 Now I want to buy this MacBook 🤪
Carson Clark
Carson Clark:
Yes! I was trying to decide as to whether or not I should purchase this laptop and now my favorite youtuber has a review out on it 👌 looking forward to this one Mark.

Edit: Excellent video man, inspired me to purchase the 10th gen 13" MBP despite the announcements at WWDC. Also, nice shots at 0:48 and 1:13 😍 how do you even get those?
Rogelio Valdés
Rogelio Valdés:
Nani? You watch Anime. 😮😮
Jackson Yollin
Jackson Yollin:
just bought mine for school. i’m very happy.
Please make a lava lamp review
Shinichi Hiroshi
Shinichi Hiroshi:
I have been really struggling to decide what kind of laptop to buy Windows, Macbook Pro/Air. Sadly, I can't wait due to study within 1.5 month.
Show time with MZ
Show time with MZ:
What tripod do you use, PLEASE TELL ME!🙏
peter peng
peter peng:
When I saw Gundam IBO, I knew this man is a man of culture
If you don't have at least 500k subs by the end of the year I'm gonna get a job at YouTube and rewrite the algorithm. Keep it up man.
Ilma Adiarto
Ilma Adiarto:
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith:
Awesome review my man. Also, what light is that on top of your monitor?
The Annoying Troll
The Annoying Troll:
Sucks that I need a laptop for school, otherwise I would also wait for the new macbooks
Jonathan Sy
Jonathan Sy:
The butterfly keyboards were such a question mark for me back in 2017 that I bought a late-2015 model instead of the newest 2016 models lol
guess it was a good decision
Sarah Eve
Sarah Eve:
This was such a great review and you seem like a down to earth kinda dude! So happy I stumbled upon this video, but I’m still kinda confused whether I should wait to get the newest one, I love to produce music and I’m planning on setting up a studio for that in my room, do you think I should wait? Or buy?
David S. O'Connor
David S. O'Connor:
Thanks! You’ve just saved me wasting £1,500 today, I’ll now be waiting to see what comes at the end of the year ... new subscriber!
Hey dude! Awesome vid. I was wondering if I should get the base model MacBook Pro 13 or the dell xps 13 ,i5, 8gb, 256gb
willie cheng
willie cheng:
Thank you for a brief but full of information. How do you prevent the discoloration of the palm area.
Tej Manohar
Tej Manohar:
Love the production quality on your videos
vaibhav khanna
vaibhav khanna:
I have been using this laptop for 2 weeks now. Just as you open the lid, the MBP does not respond i.e. the trackpad and the keyboard doesn't work for about 20-30 seconds. I have installed the latest Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6, reinstalled the software, logged in as a new user, done with the safe boot, reset NVRAM and SMC also. Nothing seems to work. I have contacted apple also regarding the same, they have told me to get the device to the nearest service centre. I am really annoyed now, because I spent a lot of money in this laptop. I have a 6 year old MBA, that laptop has never had any problem so far even with the latest MacOS.
Carlos Landeros
Carlos Landeros:
I am still using my 2010 macbook pro and its still running like a champ although it doesn't support newer updates.
Just Bored
Just Bored:
Get apple care. The last time I got a Mac book pro, I spilled water on it 1 year after purchasing. That was 2010. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I need to get a new one.
Benedict Payot
Benedict Payot:
What Windows alternative will you recommend?
Jared Rammage
Jared Rammage:
Amazing review! Surprised I got subbed before you hit 500k. Good luck man!
Thisura Dodangoda
Thisura Dodangoda:
In the market for a newer mac and completely forgot about the Apple Silicon Machines thing. Thanks for your review! Gonna wait a bit long just like you said.
I feel like mine keeps heating up
GReeze π
GReeze π:
Hay I need a computer and i don't know which one to get: XPS 13 9300 or this one...
Zee H
Zee H:
Thinking of getting a MacBook Pro 2020, have you all had pretty good experiences with it? Does it over heat? Is it loud?
Yashvardhan Nikam
Yashvardhan Nikam:
Is it good for programming and web development?
Valerie Escarria
Valerie Escarria:
so until should, I wait? i don't know much about this
Pochie Zui
Pochie Zui:
When you badly need a new laptop this quarantine for online classes but cant afford to buy one ☹️ why am I here
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez:
Thanks for the heads up!
Harshit Mohan Sharma
Harshit Mohan Sharma:
They said new Mac with arm processors are coming by the end of this year , but no where they mentioned it will be a macbook, I guess it will be a Mac mini
Danyella Renae
Danyella Renae:
Have you (or anyone watching this that got this mac) noticing that it gets hot really quickly? i've reached out to apple and they just keep having me do different resets. getting up to 190-200 degrees and fans super hard. (when streaming netflix or using sketchpads)
Uilliam Unknown
Uilliam Unknown:
I just really want to take advantage of their back school special and get a pair of AirPods before the end of September lol but coming from a iMac (late 2013) the baseline MacBook Pro will feel like Apple silicon lol.
SUPREME _ Commander
SUPREME _ Commander:
Man, i need a 2020 mcbook :(
Nidhi Jhawer
Nidhi Jhawer:
Would you use the Macbook Air for a month and then compare it to this? Pleasseee...
Deptava Sinha
Deptava Sinha:
If i buy this base model pro, can i do basic music production without any issues? Also I'm a college student. These two are my only need from the laptop.
aibat tursynali
aibat tursynali:
Can you do a restart on your laptop and see what’s the battery percentage on the lock screen and then log into the home screen check that again does that differ or change?
Gary Jahman
Gary Jahman:
Nice video! Your broll game is strong!
Should i buy it so i can get airpods with it or wait
Andy Gaucher
Andy Gaucher:
Just ordered a 16 inch i9 can’t wait to get it
Geo Man
Geo Man:
Not worth it to buy an Intel Mac now...
Amit punj
Amit punj:
Using macs since 2008, never had problem, the last one died after 8 years
I wanted to buy a new macbook pro, since I use the same since 2013, but the fact that there is no glowing apple symbol anymore turns me down a lot.
nir san
nir san:
I purchased the 1799 version and this one along with the 2,000 version are the most powerful ones of the 13 in pros 2020. coming from a MacBook Air 2019 this machine is amazingly powerful the Touch Bar is so helpful and makes things so much quicker and simple ( why do ppl hate this Touch Bar its amazing). I didn't buy this machine it was purchased for me so the risk wasn't as bad. Im not sure I would pay out of pocket for an apple device. got a European sugar dad to do it for me.
Flute Player Victoria
Flute Player Victoria:
How long until MacBook uses their new tech in the MacBook pros? 2021?
Faiz Faris
Faiz Faris:
I just want a 13th inch macbook pro with new designs (slimmer bezels and better display) with 10th gen cpu as the base model... is that so hard
Aki Eunoia
Aki Eunoia:
who else has mbpro here? my battery only lasts for 3 hrs 30 mins max, i turned off everything possible to increase battery life, and i only turn on safari and word which shouldn't eat so much battery. i'm crying 😭
Arabella Unicorns
Arabella Unicorns:
It’s almost my birthday, should I get a MacBook Pro, or the new iPad Pro
Lan Phan
Lan Phan:
This is a dope setup! What's the name of the light sitting above your monitor?