16-Year-Old TikTok Star Siya Kakkar Dead at 16: Reports

A teenage TikTok star has died. Siya Kakkar, 16, of India had close to two million followers on the platform, where she posted videos of herself dancing. India Today reports she died by suicide in her home in New Delhi this week, according to police, who say the girl had been suffering from depression for several days. Police are investigating the incident and have confiscated her phone in hopes of getting more information. Inside Edition Digital’s Mara Montalbano has more.

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Crxcked silz
Crxcked silz:
“16 yr old dies at 16” tf kinda title is that
Appie Bear
Appie Bear:
Um. She didn’t leave a note AND it was just “days”? Something doesn’t add up here. I feel for this poor girl and her family but that is unusual
Juan Velasquez
Juan Velasquez:
This Is seriously suspicious and it smells and looks fishy. Someone is hiding the honest truth. Question is who.
Family or the guy agent or whatever he is
Gerardo Castro
Gerardo Castro:
She has a pretty smile ever and this is just sad sometimes facing depression is ok just keep on going 🙏🙏😞.
Piyush V
Piyush V:
Social Media can be depressing when you’re just too much into it.
Justin Lavoie
Justin Lavoie:
“Depression for several days” I’m sorry what ?? Depression must be there for two weeks before being diagnosed and people rarely if never commit suicide after 2 weeks of depression, but after months or years. Either she had it for longer than that or there was something else going on.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Whyyyyyyyyyy?! Her life should be very good
Rickey Claiborne
Rickey Claiborne:
I feel like that someone is lying about her depression because no one commits suicide after a few days of depression. It could last for weeks, months, or even years! RIP to the girl. She didn’t deserve to go out like that.
Bernice B
Bernice B:
Doing tiktok to entertain people but she’s really dying inside. Rip dear
you don’t kill yourself after “some days of depression”... this girl must have suffered for so long...OR something happened to her❤️
T_money_ THIRD
T_money_ THIRD:
Depression for a few days definitely wasn't the only thing going on in that house
Khalid Munir
Khalid Munir:
RIP dear ...I'm suffering from depression since I was 18 year old and now I'm 26 ...pray for me .. Depression is a very tough opponent to fight with . It goes On and Off .
• Mari •
• Mari •:
“Depression for a few days”

Nah, y’all dk how long she’s been depressed for, as a depressed person myself it takes ages before we tell someone so she probably has been depressed for much longer than a “few days”.
Neelam's Pantry
Neelam's Pantry:
Tik tok is the worst app.and it is waste of time.it is ruining youngers life
Jlo Bronx
Jlo Bronx:
She was depressed for several day's??? And that she committed suicide??? This is very sad , it sounds strange
Truthfully Honest
Truthfully Honest:
“Family requests privacy to grieve”. “Inside edition lets post this now guys”
1K Subs with no video challenge
1K Subs with no video challenge:
Guys, listen, suicide is never the answer, never, ever, just tell someone what ur going threw and remember, everything will be okay 👍❤
Miracle Aboagye
Miracle Aboagye:
“16 year old TikTok star dies at 16” huh?!??!?
Must be way more to this story..
A few days of depression?
I think more like a life of oppression..
Steve Gad
Steve Gad:
Manager? Social media Star? Seriously?? Piling pressure like that on a CHILD?
Modern world you need to take one step back!!!
Rafael Oliveira Nunes
Rafael Oliveira Nunes:
Depression for a few days definitely wasn't the only thing going on in that house
Caitlyn Guthrie
Caitlyn Guthrie:
If it was Charlie it would be all over the app. RIP Siya🥺
All of these young suicides just PROVE how social media is ruining our society.
Stream helicopter for clear skin
Stream helicopter for clear skin:
Can y’all stop acting like detectives??
1. A lot of people do not leave a note
2. Depression can fluctuate she could’ve been doing good and then suddenly have been depressed again
3. It’s also possible no one knew she had depression and that’s why it was only “for a few days”
Not everything is murder, not everything is a conspiracy. Suicide is something that is extremely common.
A.C Chissano 8c
A.C Chissano 8c:
I did not come from tiktok or know her but I hope her family becomes better soon
Barely Here
Barely Here:
“She had been suffering from depression for several days” I either need hearing aids or the whole story.
Never heard of her, becuase i don't use tiktok
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer:
She does tik tok

Kristian Limon
Kristian Limon:
Dang 16 my age it’s so sad to see someone my age go she’s in a better place now R.I.P❤️
The online world is TOXIC

take in doses.

Please everyone.

Just limit yourselves
Hadiya Nausheen
Hadiya Nausheen:
She was so BEAUTIFUL and SWEET!!! Why does this always happen to good people?
Jaded Jene’
Jaded Jene’:
Depression, envy, jealousy, greed.... many tools to the enemy. People need to remember and always keep on your ARMOR OF RIGHTEOUSNESS 🙏🏾
Cherry Ripe
Cherry Ripe:
This is the second suicide due to corona virus related I've seen, c'mon kids let's start looking after your mental health.
sad أ‿أ
sad أ‿أ:
I suffered from depression for 3 years i dropped out of high school stayed home in my room only eating and hating myself attempted suicide many times my parents sent me to a psychologist didn’t work i ended up not going to the psychologist the only thing that came up to my head was to cry on my knees and pray to God crying like at 3 am after that night my whole life changed my depression just magically disappeared I haven’t been sad every since that night .
I simp for levi
I simp for levi:
Never knew her, but she seems like a great girl. Prayers go out to the family 💖
Sulav Acharya
Sulav Acharya:
I was deeply saddened to learn about the sudden and untimely demise of Siya Kakkar .I am so sad about it. I am also of 16 age. What to say I have no word. 16 years girl suicide due to depression.She was not so mature and I am so amaz that how she decided to suicide its very risk. What's going on this 2020. I think this years is very very worst for all for own life time.May the departed soul in Rest in peace.
Jane Sionelua
Jane Sionelua:
Condolences to family and friends I feel ur pain😢
Dahlia 561
Dahlia 561:
She made me feel comfortable with myself and she is super pretty it’s so sad on what happened 😢😢
queen nali
queen nali:
I was crying The holle day😭😢😣😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖
Arizona Kid
Arizona Kid:
Depression the biggest DEMON that any human can face.
Chris Simpleton
Chris Simpleton:
As a person that has been dealing with depression most of my life, I somehow envy those that have the guts to "do it"... Age 16, beautiful with a lot going for her already? She clearly had heart! R.I.P young angel..
Baby Moore-Davis
Baby Moore-Davis:
I can’t believe she died. I was a fan I can’t believe it🤕😭
Tseries Uses Bots
Tseries Uses Bots:
I feel like there's something off about this.. Maybe its the fact her director was so attached to her and called her his brightest star before offering a project

And then confiscated her phone-

Has nobody dove into the fact that this guy could have sexually assaulted her?
She was so young the same age as me and she gone this sad man😢😢😢😢
Simian Kleurde
Simian Kleurde:
I hate Tik Tok but it's sad if any child dies.
Røäch Gäng
Røäch Gäng:
She didn't just have depression for a couple days she most likely had it for months just didn't show it
Keri Monaco
Keri Monaco:
That’s so sad.

Parents have to remind their young kids that’s life will get better when you get older (even if it’s unpredictable and a lie) kids need assurance.
Virginia Calzadillas OwO
Virginia Calzadillas OwO:
Poor her, her cause of death is unknow was a good tiktoker we will miss her very much!😢😭💔
“Suffering from depression for several days” lol
Jesus Christ we need a meteor.
maddie s.
maddie s.:
Depression for a few days wasn’t the only thing happening probably
Rest easy Angel
You will be missed 🦋🙏
ari_ reggaetoncita
ari_ reggaetoncita:
Depression is sooo the devil . May she Rest In Peace.
Just Jude
Just Jude:
Obviously her family was only aware of her depression for a couple of days.
Greg Denys
Greg Denys:
"She had been suffering from depression for several days"
I've been suffering from depression for 25 years.
Wild_Fire Stuoios
Wild_Fire Stuoios:
I do not have tiktok so I did not know her. But it is always sad when anyone dies
I feel so bad she so pretty
dead dead
dead dead:
It's sad for me being humorous by my profile picture having to hear this..... And I always make jokes about stupid things but... I don't really want right now... I wish she's in a god place tho :)
Toni Stark
Toni Stark:
I agree! Depression doesn’t just “come on in a few days”. Maybe her follower count plummeted in days leading up to her death or the lockdown impacted her mental state! Unfortunately, suicide to a 16 y/o is a cry for help as at that age, they don’t possess the concept of their own mortality. There is DEFINITELY more to this story!
RIP, beautiful!
Edgar Chiprez
Edgar Chiprez:
“16 year old dead at age 16"

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes, she committed suicide therefore her cause of death is suicide
István Puskás
István Puskás:
Depression isn't something that happens in a week, regardless of the reporting she was depressed much longer than said. Rest in peace young lady 🙏
Savannah Banana
Savannah Banana:
Such a beautiful girl I deal with depression and everything nobody’s ever here for me rip hun🥺💕
rouy bab
rouy bab:
She didn't even get to 18. 💔
Sad, children should not spend so much time online it makes them depressed. No interaction😢
Sorry for her family's loss.❤
Lisa’s Missing Solo
Lisa’s Missing Solo:
[i know this isn’t the time but...]

title: *”16-year-old dies at 16”*
me: _“ah yes, the floor is made out of floor”_
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez:
“16-year-old dies at 16”
*Surprised Pikachu face*
Ramen Jordan
Ramen Jordan:
May she Rest In Peace.
Cam Taylor
Cam Taylor:
My heart goes out to this poor girl and her family, I’ve never used tiktok and I don’t plan on it, but I’m sad to see someone’s success tossed away. Rip ❤️
sister snapped
sister snapped:
I dont know her but may she rest in peace :(
The person's all alright till their secretly depressed and don't tell you and then die 💔 such a Shame people act good but hide their real life we've got your backs don't do that peeps act good but sometimes they pretend :( RIP I also am depressed from My condition but I stay strong 💪 you should too
Green Enchantress
Green Enchantress:
Depression = dementor, sucks the life out of you :(
Celestine Cole
Celestine Cole:
:( I didn’t even know her . This just goes to show that someone can look happy but really be dead inside
Ana Bello
Ana Bello:
This is so sad 😭
it's proven that social media increases risk of depression.
Tomas Ralda
Tomas Ralda:
“ She was suffering from depression for several day” well that sounds very sketchy for a suicide
Tasha B
Tasha B:
"16 year old dies age 16"

*I mean I would be surprised if a 16 year old died age 17...*
Abounding grace
Abounding grace:
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16
Dpak Chhetri
Dpak Chhetri:
It’s easy to say but u will never experience or imagine how a depressed person goes through. Ur thoughts suffocates u. Ripyounglady
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire:
see what quarantining for months does to your mind?? this is why people can’t quarantine forever, they have lives to live!
"16 year old dead at 16"

*every 60 seconds in africa a minute passes*
j slack
j slack:
Nope nope nope I don’t believe it . She was most likely murdered
Unais 61
Unais 61:
If death is a solution for depression,than I could have completed my 5 yrs of my death anniversary.... Guys what ever happens don't give up life is beautiful ❤️ please enjoy it till the last natural breath.........
Lila Simzpson
Lila Simzpson:
Rest in Peace Siya Kakkar, you were a great star. You did great videos.
suuuperr novaa
suuuperr novaa:
This just breaks my heart. 💔
There is no shame in asking for help when you feel low, depressed, anxiety or suicidal
Jessica Laura
Jessica Laura:
Depression has such a big impact on your life, it is awful!❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏
Davi Da Silva
Davi Da Silva:
She obviously had depression for more than "several days", i've been fighting depression since i was a kid, this is a serious problem someone can't take care on their own.
That’s crazy. May she Rest In Peace.
Suffered from depression “for a few days”?
Perhaps she had high functioning depression for long time. It’s really odd that after a few days she would go through with suicide. So sad. So many people around yet you feel alone.
walrus of the sea
walrus of the sea:
“Depression for several days” there is literally no way in any dimension that she was only suffering for several days
Magic Enigma
Magic Enigma:
Smiles eh they really do hide the deepest and darkest secrets 😰😰😰
Twįlight Zøne
Twįlight Zøne:
Her smile hides her pain, I never knew she was depressed. During this video, my heart felt a deep drop.
May she Rest in heaven... 🕊💫
Isabella grivosti
Isabella grivosti:
I followed her,she was a great dancer. I am devestated,my thoughts all go out to her family.❤️❤️😇😇
Jayla Ro
Jayla Ro:
"Several days" of depression?
This whole story is sus....
Santino Vergara Castro
Santino Vergara Castro:
Sounds and smells like an "honor killing" to me, I hope that am wrong !!! RIP !!!
Everyone who watches this video hanging in there this won't last forever just stay home and keep yourself safe
Angel Chavez
Angel Chavez:
16 year old dies at 16 👁️👄👁️

Okay but in all seriousness, depression and suicide is no joke, please take care of yourselves, your friends, and family 💕
Crazy Soda - BS - PUBG & more
Crazy Soda - BS - PUBG & more:
16 year old dies at 16
Its like they say : The floor is made out of the floor
Rose Rodriguez
Rose Rodriguez:
The saddest thing in Life is wasted Talent.✨
Gone too soon R.I.P Young Lady.
Just several days of depression

That’s is the saddest thing imaginable and something that no family should go through